The Unknown Photo Frame

A while ago I bought a photo frame in a second hand store. I didn’t buy it because I liked the frame, but because of the photo’s in it. The photo’s made me wonder about the people that were in them, and how they even ended up in a second hand store. At the same time I was doing a lot of research on new ways to tell stories on digital online platforms, through which I found Steller. One evening after my dinner I sat down and made a Steller story on the people that were in the frame that I bought. After I few hours I kept on getting messages on my phone, and the story ended up getting 250+ likes, and over 10.000 views in less than 5 days (quite a lot for the size of the Steller platform).

This ended up being quite empowering, as I strongly believe in the spontaneous nature of stories, and this gave me the opportunity to sit down for an hour and make something, instead of just thinking like we all mostly do. Still most people liked it, and were pleasantly surprised by the ease of this small original story.

The Steller story can still be seen by clicking the link below.