Quem Indica & The Oasis

These two short documentaries were shot in 2013 for the Beyond Your World project by LokaalMondiaal, and were broadcasted by HollandDoc. The project consisted of a two-week visit to the Sao Paulo area in Brazil to produce content about social issues in the region. The project was a great to get used to a fast-delivery workflow and production as a consequence of the short visit.


Quem Indica portraits a Sao Paulo shoemaker who has seen his neighbourhood change over the years. Work has declined due to the global influence of cheap shoe productions that no one would repair. Due to the same global influence on the country, he notices how brazil has changed. The shift from the little-man on the corner, to the big global enterprises is highly noticable.


The Oasis is a short documentary about the village of Sao Joao near Campinas (another multi-million inhabitant city). The village lies on the edge of the ever growing city, and lives on the philosophy to not be part of the endless urbanization. As a hub for artists, the village breathes a counter-reaction to the up rise of the cities around it. But with the city still growing, how long will this village keep on existing?