About Me.

A collection of my work is presented here.
I like to think of myself as a filmmaker, generative & interactive artist.
One day I hope to reduce my tagline to just say; I make things.

Robbert Groenendijk

I’ve been educated at the Utrecht University of the Arts as a all-round filmmaker with my focus on documentary filmmaking. Though, by just making films I always felt like I missed something. I’ve always remembered how someone told me what he ought to be the moment to reach for in filmmaking; that moment when a person has watched your film, may it be on television, cinema, or the internet and the film has ended. They walk out of the cinema, put off their television or computer and something magical will happen. The story will have touched them, changed them in a way, and so it will live forth in their heads, where it will be better than you could’ve ever made it for them. And that’s totally true. I’ve always loved films in which I can personally imagine myself in the story. But I started wondering why the medium is to some extend non-involving. If the thing I want to reach is involvement, why don’t I make things that involve the viewer in one way or the other?

And so my interest for interactive, and generative art and storytelling came to existence. First starting off simple by making node-based applications such as a non-linear film with which the viewer could interact by throwing balloons in the air. And a video installation making use of build-in smile recognition. Some time later I’ve thought myself how to code, and try to mix up my previous experience in filmmaking and visuals with the ability to use code. Steadily moving my way up the ladder.

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