Echo is an audio-reactive light installation that visualises the entity of the echo and engages with the audience by auditive and visual feedback.

An echo is the reflection of sound that arrives with a delay that is proportional to the reflective distance. The phenomenon is so common, that it is something we don’t think twice of.
As a child, my idea of the echo was very different from it being just a natural phenomenon. The Echo seemed like a creature that lived in large, dark, empty spaces. Nowhere to be seen, but always present when you shouted at it. ‘The Echo’ became an entity of itself.

Echo is an installation that explores the embodiment of this unseen entity. This entity; The Echo, is present, but can only be noticed by its proximity to the lights.

Sound design by Olli Ketonen

Materials/techniques: steel, 3D printed clear resin, Teensy 3.5, custom software (C++), various electronic components.
Dimensions: 100cmx100cmx100cm (excluding suspension cables)