About me.


Robbert Groenendijk

Digital artist & filmmaker

Ever since I started making short films with my friends in high-school I’ve been fascinated by sharing personal ideas through visual means. Instead of becoming a pilot I ended up going to film school to pursue a new dream of becoming a film director. After finishing my degree in documentary directing I went right into working in film/video production. Though, one of the things I vividly remember from film school was a discussion about what to achieve as a filmmaker; as filmmakers we hope to spark a thought, idea, personal reflection, or at least something that makes you question the world around you. I believe in this idea, but also started to wonder why we use a passive medium to actively engage the viewer. Why don’t we allow active engagement in the first place?

I got interested in interactive art and thought myself some of the tools of trade. Spending many evenings teaching myself how to code, solder, and generate abstract visuals within the film-industry tools that I had already known. Currently I’m a student at Aalto University’s Medialab where I focus on producing interactive & generative work, and research the impact of emotional resonance in digital art by allowing the audience to actively engage and alter their experiences.

Like my work? Get in contact with me. I’m open for commissions and collaborations.